Can you imagine? hundreds of youngsters,
and a place, where your opinion matters, where you learn, meet, explore and experience. Where there are no obligations, just a will, to be as yourself as it's possible. This is what Taoba family is, and we are looking for you
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Film Screenings

Before the festival, films go through a long process of selection. Each film screened at Taoba is selected according to the age of spectators and the topic it highlights.

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Youth Academy

Do you want to learn more about film making? Want to engage into creative process, or even create your own movie? Workshops at Taoba cover almost all important aspects: Animation, Directing, Producing, Screen writing and much more

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Guest Speakers

Have you ever dreamed to meet film personalities? Ask questions, learn from them, became inspired by their stories and get advises for your future

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Evening entertainment

Taoba is not only about films and education, it is also about entertainment - there are concerts, DJ sets and performances for festival participants, and some of them are even public

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6 Rustaveli ave, Tbilisi 0108, Georgia